The Fight

By Brady Gill

I once had a friend who would not admit

Anytime they mistakenly stepped in some shit

Since they didn’t see it

They never would clean it

They'd say, “I don’t smell it.”

And truly they'd mean it


And what do you do with that kind of friend

When telling the truth will make them defend

Even when you know better

It feels like it’s clever

To just let it be

Than force them to see


What can you say

To one who won’t know?

Can you force them to look?

Can you push them to grow?

What do you do

When you still smell the poo?

When you still smell the poo

What do you do?


What did I do?

I bit my tongue first

But with each soiled step

It only got worse

Though we were dear friends

It fast become true

There soon came a time

When my patience was through

I said, “That’s enough!

I can smell it, can you?

You’re stepping in poo

Just look at your shoe.”

But that didn’t do

For they looked right through

And looking up said

“I think it was you.”


So what do you do

When you still smell the poo?

When you still smell the poo

What do you do?


What did I do?

I didn’t do shit

I gritted my teeth

And put up with it

And though I knew better

I’d still take a sniff

While walking with them

I’d sniff and I’d whiff

And I’d whiff and I’d sniff

And clenching my jaw

My body gone stiff

I’d think to myself

If they'd just admit

Just admit that there’s shit

(Cause there’s shit, yes there’s shit)

And if they'd just admit that there’s shit on their shoe

Than this whole shitty thing

Would finally be through

They’d see I was right and know what to do

They’d know they were wrong and tell me that too

That they’re wrong and I’m right

And I’m right like I knew.


But who would admit

Something they don’t see?


And who says it’s easy

To give things for free?


And who were they hurting

Not really me . . .


I just didn’t like it

That they wouldn’t see.


Maybe . . .


I thought while walking along

If they stepped in more shit

they'd see they were wrong

If it just piled up they'd see it for sure

All that was needed was stepping in more


So now as we walked, and talked

As friends do

I’d sneakily guide them to where there was poo

I’d walk on the side

I thought was the best

Nudge them a bit

And they'd do the rest

And sure enough

They never would miss

And sure enough

I raised up my fists

“You must know it now

Must know that I’m right

Just look at your feet

And you’ll see the light

Just look at your shoe

All covered in poo

You know what to do

Tell me that it’s true!”


But they didn’t look down

They looked straight in my eyes

“I don’t see it that way”

And I feigned surprise

As if I hadn’t foreseen their reaction

As if I hadn’t had strange satisfaction

As if I didn’t love this fight

To prove to someone that

Their wrong and I’m right.


When two friends square off

It’s a terrible sight

Years are forgotten

Replaced with one sleight

No one will own

The first punch that’s thrown

For each feels it’s their flesh and bone

Against stone

These seeds that we sew

Seem fated to grow

Into blow after

Blow after

Blow after



If only they'd know

I’ll finally show

I’ll force them to know

I’ll force them to grow

I’ll force them to fight

To prove that I’m right

And they’ll know

And I’ll show

And they’ll finally know


Winded and bloodied

We stumbled apart

I looked at my friend

And gripping my heart

I knew with each bruise

My story was proved

For there was my friend

With their eyes on their shoes

Staring confused

They finally saw

They finally knew

But now that they knew

What could they do?


They barely could move

The damage I’d done

The battle I’d waged

The war that I’d won

To prove I was right

My friend had been broken

I saw that now

My eyes had been opened

My friend was defeated to get what I needed

But victory’s sour

With both of us cheated


Standing over them

it all seemed so strange

The bad guy

The victim

The battle

The pain

In the beginning it all seemed so fated

But clearly I see this is what I created


My friend is now gone

Out of my grasp

I lost them that day

Into dreams of the past

But still I go back

To learn what to do

To learn what to do when I still smell the poo

Cause when you smell the poo

What do you do?

What do you do when you still smell the poo?


Here’s what I do

I look at my shoe

Cause I know every time

There’s some on mine too.