1s and 2s

By Brady Gill

There is a world of 1’s and 2’s



Tried and true

Each number knows what they should do

Just be a 1

Or be a 2


If you’re a 1 you act one way

And 2’s are different but the same

For 1’s and 2’s know what to do

Just be a 1

Or be a 2


1’s are 1’s

And 2’s are 2’s

There’s nothing else to think or do

Just be that way and you’ll get through

Be the same

Don’t be new

Just be a 1

Or be a 2


One day one 1 woke up with dread

And strange thoughts swirling in their head

“If I’m a 1 and 1 is me . . .

Then why do I feel like a 3?


Why do I feel two curved bows

That feel so true

But no one knows?

If I believe will these curves grow?

Is how I feel how I can show?


In this world of 1’s and 2’s

Is there room for something new?

Is there room for number 3

Is there room for one like me?




Said 1’s mother walking by

Who had a tendency to spy

“Don’t you dare,”

The mother cried

“Don’t you dare try to defy

The way things are

The way we do

The way we’re 1’s

The way we’re 2’s


Don’t be strange

Don’t be changed

Don’t be different

Don’t be new


I’m scared and don’t know what I’d do

With one who wasn’t 1 or 2”


1 walked to school

But quite confused

It’s mother’s love

Stung like abuse


If I’m not a 1

If I’m not a 2

How much am I going to lose?

What will I put others through

If I do what I feel is true?

Is it worth the hurt?

I have no clue

I have no clue

What I should do


When 1 arrived at school that day

It all was different but the same

Everything as it had been

But now no where 1 fit could in


Slowly something had begun

That kept 1 from the other 1’s

Never had their games seemed fun

But now they made 1 want to run

Run from the 1s

Run from the 2s

Run from what one’s supposed to do

Run from what one’s supposed to be

And numbers who can’t seem to see

That there could even be a 3

Who will not grow and choose to lack


“No!” Cried the 1, “I won’t hold back

My frozen form is the attack

Of home

Of school

Of binding rules

And all that’s wrong will be my fuel

I won’t be fooled

No 1’s

No 2’s

It’s time to change and be brand new!”


From power that seemed very old

One straight line began to fold

And roll and stretch in it’s new skin

With sides curving out

And ends bowing in


It’s hard to begin

But once you do

One’s true self

Always shines through

Your inner number that you know

Will shape the way you bravely grow


It might go fast

It might go slow

It might go both

There’s no right flow

There’s only now

There’s only you

There’s only choice

And what you’ll do.


1 opened their eyes and called with glee

“I’m finally me.  I’m number 3!”


The 1s and 2s looked on with fear

But one small number tiptoed near


“You’re a 3?  That’s really great. . .

Can you help me?  I think I’m an 8.”