At the end of our playshop with Brady, we did a one-word “whip” around the room where everyone described how they were feeling in a word. I remember that every single word was positive, like “energized”, “optimistic”, “relaxed”, and “happy.” What more could you want out of a team-building day? Not only did we have a lot of fun connecting with each other through playing the games, but Brady’s work also brought out the best aspects of our culture: one where everyone on the team is present, respectful, and genuinely enjoying collaborating together and solving problems. Brady’s infectious and passionate energy for his work makes that possible.
— Joe Wheeler, CSR Associate, Dropbox
Brady is one of the most amazing, personable, and energetic people I know. Brady has a very caring and energetic personality with the right amount of sweetness to engage everyone. He can take a group of the most cantankerous curmudgeons and within a few moments everyone is laughing and having a great time. I’ve watched him engage people from executives of Fortune 500 companies to a group of 5th graders and have yet to see him leave anyone without a smile.
— Scott Stillman, Financial Planner, LPL Financial
Being the Operations Manager of a 7 million dollar staffing firm comes with significant amounts of responsibility and accountability. After almost 10 years in this leadership role, I was exhausted and went looking for a way to get out of my head and get back to who I really am. That’s when I met Brady. Through his facilitation I got that 1) you don’t have to be perfect all the time (this was HUGE) 2) every person has something unique to contribute and 3) fun happens - the very moment your choose FUN! Life is hard sometimes, it can weigh you down… being around Brady reminds you that is ok to play, to have fun, to be alive and to be yourself. Being with him was life altering and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to try on his style of expressing the pure privilege it is to be a human being.
— Jamie Bihl, Operations Manager, Technology Navigators
Brady’s authenticity is only matched by his dynamism, intellect and warmth. As a speaker and leader, he has the uncanny ability to inspire people to embrace both whimsy and joy, which is foundational to innovation. The size of the crowd Brady is engaging with is inconsequential; he will inevitably have everyone in the palm of his hand. I believe the professional world needs what he has to offer-the ability to foster more interpersonal connection, creativity and overall presence. I highly recommend him.
— Jennifer Tacheff, VP of Business Development, Women Who Code
Brady lives to play and to share this remarkable passion with others. It is a joyous expression of life that is both infectious and endearing. I have never met anyone else who made it so effortless to feel good and have fun.
— Evan Steiner, The Whole Person Economy
In moments when the perfectionist in me wants to tighten up and clutch the reins even tighter on a frazzled situation, I’m reminded of what I learned from Brady - that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be. That play is important. That listening is what matters most. He has instilled within me the importance of letting loose and getting weird in order to expand ourselves and each other. That playfulness and leadership are not opposing forces. That leadership doesn’t always look like we think it will - that it comes from within.
— Nina Beckhardt, Artist/Founder, Dovetail
Brady’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I had the pleasure of working with Brady a few years ago, and I vividly recall being struck by his desire and ability to make the most mundane task into an exciting adventure. Brady has such a unique perspective, and it’s clear that his goal is to help others see the world in through an optimistic, “anything is possible” lens. As a classroom teacher, many of my tricks, games, and energizers are emulated from watching Brady lead both children and adults. Brady will surely give you a never-before-seen experience, and you will never stop smiling!
— Elizabeth Kleinrock, 3rd Grade Teacher, Citizens of the World Charter School